About MRW

Growing up in Los Angeles, Matt Robert Williams has developed a unique perspective that makes his work stand out while creating the drive to succeed.

MRW graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelors of science in biological sciences. He used this knowledge base to work in exotic animal husbandry and training and public speaking at a Six Flags theme park.

Park management quickly took notice of MRW’s talents and put his verbal and communication skills to use in promoting and marketing the park’s rides and animals.

In marketing, Matt Robert Williams found his love of writing and appreciation for commercial and character voice acting. MRW has studied commercial and charcter voice-overs under the guidance of William Williams at the Aliso Creek Workshops in Burbank California.

MRW currently trains in improv and sketch comedy writing at The Second City training center in Hollywood, California and can be seen dolling out his distinct humor and wit at local comedy clubs.


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